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  • Weekly sacred scripture study 

    Join us at Healy Hall on Tuesday evenings from 6:45-8:15pm.  We will study the upcoming weekend's Mass readings and Gospel.

  • Make Us believers

    Its that time again to join the cast of Make Us Believers the musical.  They are looking for singers, dancers, crowd people, instruments and back stage grips.  When:  January 22nd at 5:30-7pm at St. Margaret Mary

  • CHristian Mothers Pierogi Sale

    Order form can be found in the Parish Forms under the dropdown menu under HOME.  You can order up until February 2nd.  Delivery is February 22, 2020.  The proceeds are benefiting local charities.  

  • Fish Fry

    There will be a meeting on January 20th at 7pm in St. Joseph School Cafeteria for anyone who wants to volunteer for the Fish Fry Fridays!  It is a great way for highschool students to get volunteer hours.

  • interested in serving in a ministry?

    St. Catherine of Siena and St. Joseph parishes welcome any interested in volunteering for a ministry.  Training will be provided.  Its a great way to start getting involved with your church.

  • mass schedule

    4:00PM - St. Margaret Mary
    4:00PM - St. Catherine of Siena
    5:30PM - St. Joseph

    8:00AM - St. Joseph
    9:30AM - St. Margaret Mary
    10:00AM - St. Joseph
    10:30AM - St. Catherine of Siena
    11:30AM - St. Margaret Mary
    5:00PM - St. Catherine of Siena

    8:00AM - St. Joseph
    8:00AM - St. Margaret Mary
    8:30AM - St. Catherine of Siena

    8:00AM - St. Joseph
    8:30AM - St. Margaret Mary

    8:30AM - St. Margaret Mary
    7:00PM - St. Joseph

    8:00AM - St. Joseph
    8:30AM - St. Catherine of Siena

    8:30AM - St. Margaret Mary
    8:30AM - St. Catherine of Siena

  • confessions

    St. Catherine of Siena
    Saturdays - 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM
    Saturdays after 4:00 PM 
    St. Margaret Mary
    Wednesdays - 9:00AM to 10:00AM
    Saturdays - 11:00AM to Noon
    St. Joseph
    Wednesdays - 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM
    Saturdays - 4:30PM to 5:15PM

  • eucharistic adoration

    St. Joseph
    Wednesday - 7:00AM to 6:45PM
    St. Margaret Mary
    Friday - 9:00AM to Noon